Not long ago scientists believed that the brain was hardwired, fixed by the time we become adults and had only a set number of brain cells that die as we get older. Recent science advances in the last decade tell us this is simply not true.

The brain is able of change at any age. It is adaptable, like plastic, hence we call this process neuroplasticity. Even in old age we still have the ability to produce new brain cells (neurogenesis).

At Refocus, we like to think of the brain as a dynamic power grid, with billions of roads lighting up every time we think, feel or do something. Some of these roads are well-travelled and represent our habits. Established ways of thinking, doing and feeling. These roads are strengthened every time we practice an activity or feel a specific emotion. We feel more and more comfortable venturing down these pathways with each ‘visit’.

When we think about something differently, learn a skill or experience a previously foreign emotion, we dig out a new road. Eventually, if we keep travelling down this new road, our brains start to use it more. With more use, the old road is used less and weakens.

This is how we rewire the brain to change behaviour, health and thought patterns for the better,  leaving behind “stuck states” or unwanted emotions. 


Refocus Physiotherapy

Natalie works with patients that have experienced persistent pain to help teach them how the brain produces pain, what they are currently doing that may be feeding the pain and what they can do to create pain antidotes. She has a passion for helping those with ongoing concussion symptoms and people who have tried many treatments without success. She also works as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Typically sessions are 45mins - 1 hour in length

You can book an appointment for this service by ringing the Refocus clinic 09 481 0680 or email Natalie at

Refocus Consultancy

Natalie works as a consultant to assist people to understand their brain and nervous system to optimise their function beyond health. This could be to improve productivity at work, reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed and how we can use our brain to feel more balanced. Under this same banner Natalie works with elite athletes to improve sport performance through training the brain and aims to give athletes a competitive edge.

Typically sessions are 1 hour in length

To find out more about this service email Natalie at

Refocus Change Your Pain Course 

Natalie has also produced a 1 month online course “Change Your Pain.” You can learn how to use brain to change pain at your own pace. It is really empowering! This can be found at

At Refocus you will:

  • Master tools that train the brain to move on from pain and stress, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or a combination.

  • Return to exercise or movement that currently feels unsafe.

  • Activate new neural pathways, and abandon old, unnecessary ones.

  • Learn what it feels like to have a balanced nervous system. This will assist in productivity, energy and focus.

  • Be an active participator in your journey to wellness and work collaboratively with Natalie in each session.

  • Guide yourself to long term health and happiness.

Qualifications and Experience 

Refocus offers a unique approach to physiotherapy and consultancy.

Refocus combines personal experience with physiotherapy knowledge, recent research from neuroscience and pain science and years of clinical experience.

Each component alone adds value to this work however the synthesis of these experiences assist in delivering a fresh, new approach to optimising how we function. 



Credentials and Courses

  • Bachelor of Health Science - Physiotherapy

  • Dean Watson Headache Approach 

  • Explain Pain - David Butler

  • Graded Motor Imagery- David Butler

  • Integrated Dry Needling Level 1 - Andrew Hutton

  • Integrated Dry Needling Level 2 - Andrew Hutton

  • Know Pain- Mike Stewart

  • Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice. Tara Brach, PhD

  • Neurolink-  Module A- Dr Allan Phillips

  • Neurolink- Module B. Dr Allan Phillips

  • Pelvic Pain- Dr Andry Vleeming

  • Phil Parker Lightning Process Training Seminar – Dr Phil Parker

  • Professional Course in Positive Neuroplasticity – Rick Hanson, PhD