About Refocus

Refocus is a service that acknowledges the powerful connection between brain and body and how we can use this connection to optimise health and the way we function. 




Refocus uses the latest research in pain education and cognitive neuroscience. You will learn how your nervous system communicates with your body and simple tools to help you move on from chronic pain, injury, stress and other associated stuck patterns such as anxiety. Discover how to better support your nervous system and activate your own in built healing capabilities to feel great



Natalie Sutton is the founder of Refocus  and is a qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist. She established the program after a snowboarding accident left her with post concussion symptoms. After several years of unsuccessful treatments and feeling an overriding sense of helplessness, optimum health was a frustratingly distant memory for Natalie.

Having tried virtually every avenue offered in the mainstream health system, Natalie discovered the science of neuroplasticity. By understanding the powers of the brain, she was able to rewire neural pathways, transition away from a life dictated by symptoms and find the true road to recovery. Natalie has since spent several years researching the brain’s influence and founded Refocus  to help others experience positive change too.